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Are you looking for an effective and affordable website design solution for your church, ministry, church plant, or non-profit? We have put together a web-based content management system that is specifically tailored to give organizations like yours an outstanding and easy website.

Discover what thousands of churches and ministries already have! We serve many church types including United Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, Christian, Church of Christ, Nazarene, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, and Non-Denominational. Email us, or give us a call at (580)924-4099.

Website Feature Highlights

Cloud-Based Website Management

Access and manage your church website from web-connected computers or tablets. No special software is needed apart from an internet browser.

Mobile Device

When you access one of our websites on smaller, mobile devices, you will see a mobile-formatted version of the website that behaves much like an app.

Live Streaming and Podcasting

Broadcast your media via your website, via live stream, and via podcast. All content is delivered through a world-class system.


Designate donation categories and start accepting donations via a PayPal-based, donation page. Those donating can choose to donate on a recurring basis, and they can choose to cover the processing fees.

Simple and Collaborative Site Administration

Changing the content and the look of your website is always just a few clicks away. Designate specific administrative abilities to multiple website managers.

Unlimited Pages, Images, and Documents

The system allows you to post as much content as you desire in order to most effectively inform your audience.

Email and Text/SMS Communications

Manage your digital communications with distribution lists. The email lists come with HTML customization, and they are integrated with the site calendar and announcements.

Support and Domain Name Hosting Included

Getting a website set up and active on the Internet should not be complicated or time-consuming. We are always glad to help solve issues and provide feedback.

Social Networking Integration

Tie your website to an online map, ShareThis, Facebook, X, Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Then, use those services to point others back to your website.

Website Plans & Pricing

Each church website feature plan is billed on an annual basis and has a $49 setup charge.

$99 per year


Plan Features

  • Unlimited Pages and Photos
  • Integrated Mobile Website
  • Calendar — Manage on the website and/or import an online calendar.
  • Announcement and
    Schedule Managers
  • Home Page Slide Show and
    Feature Photo Bar
  • Many Pre-Built Page Types — Staff, Ministries, Photo Albums, Prayer, Calendar, Links, and More
  • Custom Page Builder — Stack 1, 2, and 3-columned page elements on top of one another to create an amazing and dynamic page. Stackable elements include combinations of text, images, cards, and modules.
  • Essential Modules — Calendar, Prayer Submission, Verse of the Day, Web Polls, Bible Search, Countdown Timers, and Progress Bars
  • Urgent Alert — Prominently display an urgent message to your site visitors.
  • Manual Site Backup — In addition to the regular backups, you can backup your own data and files.
$199 per year


Plan Features

  • Includes All Base Plan Features
  • Integrated, PayPal-Based Online Giving — You can also tie your online giving to a third-party payment processor.
  • Unlimited Document Uploads
  • Mass Email and Text Message Distribution Lists — Quickly get information out by email or text to subscribers. Schedule deliveries for later and customize the look of
    your emails.
  • Online Form Builder — Build registration forms, surveys, event invitations, appointment schedulers, order forms, and more!
  • Basic, Password-Protected
    Member Directory
  • Blog — Share date-sensitive thoughts and announcements.
$299 per year


Plan Features

  • Includes All Base and
    Premium Plan Features
  • HTTPS Security Certificate
  • Media/Sermon Manager with 5 GB of Media Storage
  • Online Store and Donations Center
  • Member Area — Keep your members notified, connected, and informed. Organize members into groups and families, get member feedback from forums, and give members an opportunity to share their information and photos.
  • Automatic Weekly Update — Send an automatic, scheduled email to members containing upcoming events, new announcements, new sermons, new prayer requests, upcoming birthdays, and more!
  • File Access Statistics — See how often your documents and media files are accessed.
  • Advanced Email Composition — Make your mass emails visually appealing by stacking various types of content elements together.
  • Donation Records and Reporting — Designate a donation records manager to record and print/email donation reports.

Live Streaming
  • Live streaming is available on all plans at a rate of $5 per stream. Each stream is stored in video and audio-only formats on the website.
Email Hosting
  • We offer email at an extra cost on all plans. We charge $25 per email box per year.
HTTPS Security Certificates
  • The Ultimate Plan includes a certificate. You can add a security certificate to the Base or Premium Plan at rate of $39 per year.

Design Flexibility

All of our customers have access to our complete, ever-growing design library. With many website providers, you have to pay a large fee to implement a new design, but our system is designed to allow you to seamlessly switch between any available design at any time. We offer the designs in six, different template layouts: Modern, Grand, Scenic, Classic, Elegant, Contemporary. Here are 10 examples of each design layout.

Modern Modern Design #459 Modern Design #549 Modern Design #534 Modern Design #533 Modern Design #528 Modern Design #526 Modern Design #523 Modern Design #522 Modern Design #521 Modern Design #520 
Grand Grand Design #370 Grand Design #369 Grand Design #368 Grand Design #367 Grand Design #364 Grand Design #362 Grand Design #361 Grand Design #358 Grand Design #356 Grand Design #353 
Scenic Scenic Design #318 Scenic Design #321 Scenic Design #322 Scenic Design #323 Scenic Design #325 Scenic Design #329 Scenic Design #330 Scenic Design #331 Scenic Design #332 Scenic Design #333 

Classic Classic Design #303 Classic Design #299 Classic Design #278 Classic Design #275 Classic Design #273 Classic Design #271 Classic Design #270 Classic Design #240 Classic Design #239 Classic Design #238 
Elegant Elegant Design #305 Elegant Design #301 Elegant Design #281 Elegant Design #279 Elegant Design #276 Elegant Design #258 Elegant Design #257 Elegant Design #256 Elegant Design #255 Elegant Design #289 
Contemporary Contemporary Design #304 Contemporary Design #300 Contemporary Design #280 Contemporary Design #277 Contemporary Design #274 Contemporary Design #272 Contemporary Design #269 Contemporary Design #268 Contemporary Design #267 Contemporary Design #266 

These design layouts give you a great place to start, but, if you prefer to fully-customize the content on your home page, you can replace a design's default home page using our custom page builder.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I brag on your website all the time. You all go over and beyond to provide us with all the features needed for a full website that lacks nothing. We appreciate all the work you all do and do not take anything for granted!! You are a blessing beyond measure!!!!"

C. Wallace, Secretary of Salt Church

"You guys are fantastic. We have had many, many, people tell us how great our website is. They say it is perfect. It is attractive and gives all the proper information that anyone needs. Thanks again for the great job that you do."

M. Stiffler, Pastor of Daybreak Christian Assembly

"[W]e love the site. I'm amazed that you accomplish having such a powerful site and still make it easy to edit! Glad I never bothered to try to learn html!!"

S. Norris of Robinson & Center Church of Christ

Live Website Examples

Click on a live website link below to view the full site in another window.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please choose a category of questioning.
  • About Us
    • How long have you been in business? has been in business since 2004.

    • How many churches and ministries do you serve?

      We serve websites to over 2700 churches, ministries, and organizations across the world.

    • What are your support hours?

      Our fast-responding support takes place M - F, 9 - 5 central.

    • Where are you located?

      We are located on the southern border of Oklahoma in the city of Durant.

    • What is your time zone?

      We are in the central time zone.

    • Are you a Christian organization?

      While we find great purpose in being able to serve Christian churches, ministries, and organizations, we are structured as a for-profit business.

    • Do you work on weekends?

      Our office is not open on the weekends, but we monitor support requests and web server performance throughout the weekend.

    • Do you host websites other than church websites?

      Yes. We do! We would be pleased to talk with you about another type of website that you may be considering.

    • Do you offer websites for associations, districts, diocese, etc.?

      We do host websites for these types of organizations, and we provide an extra page type for these organizations. This page type allows one to list the churches that are associated with the organization.

    • Do you have a reseller program?

      If you have the time and resources available for being a consistent reseller, we would be more than happy to speak with you about becoming a reseller for us.

  • Website Setup
    • What information do I need to set up a website?

      You will need to know your organization's contact information (physical address, billing address, phone, and email). You will need to have a good idea of what domain name you want to use if you don't already have one. If you do have a domain name, you will need to have the login information for your current domain registrar. You will need to know the website plan with which you'd like to start (Base, Ultimate, or Premium), and you will need to provide the contact information of the website's main administrator.

    • How long does it take for my website to come up on the internet?

      Upon setup, your website is immediately available under a temporary address. If you are registering a new domain name, it usually takes no more than a day to get your website up on the web. If you are transferring an existing domain, this can take up to a couple of weeks.

    • How long does it take before my website is in the search engines?

      While we have no control over search engines, they usually crawl and index new websites within a couple of months of launch.

    • Do you help with search engine optimization?

      We provide places for you to fill in relevant key words as they relate to search engines, but we do not usually type these words for the customer unless asked.

    • What if I don't like any of the color schemes or designs available?

      We seek to cover a wide variety of color schemes and combinations, but we are always looking to add more based on our customer requests. We welcome your input on what colors and designs you would like to see. You may find that it is not necessarily the color scheme but the banner that you don't like. Our system gives you the ability to upload your own custom banners.

    • Can I alter the design that I choose for my site?

      You can alter many aspects of the website, but the background and color scheme are tied to the active design template. If you would like a different background and color scheme, we would be happy to hear your thoughts on this.

    • Do you do custom website banners or templates?

      We have the capability to provide custom banners and templates for an extra, one-time charge. The custom templates must be based on one of the 6 design layouts.

    • What is included in the setup fee?

      The setup fee helps cover the administrative and support costs involved in getting all of your great services up and going.

    • Do you provide on-site training?

      We do not do on-site training, but we are always glad to help you by phone or email.

    • Can I see a preview of how your website administration operates?

      We would be more than happy to give you a full tour of the website. Please contact us so that we can do this for you.

  • Website Features
    • Can I upgrade my website plan at any time?

      Yes. When upgrading, a pro-rated invoice is created from the upgrade amount.

    • Does your website system offer a mobile version?

      Yes. We do offer a full-featured, mobile version.

    • Do you have an online donation system?

      Our premium and ultimate plans include an online donation option. This option offer a built-in, PayPal-based donation form, or it allows you to link to a third-party payment processor.

    • Can I rename, rearrange, and turn off different pages on the site?

      All of these things are easily done in the "Navigation" area of the site administration.

    • How many pages can I have on my website?

      Our system breaks up the information on a website into several page types. Each page type has a specific purpose and accepts specific types of information. For instance, the prayer manager only displays information related to prayer requests and submissions. This creates purposeful and organized website information. There are several of the page types that allow for an unlimited amount of sub-pages, but the number of main navigation links is usually around 8 to 15 links.

    • Can I link to my social media?

      The system natively supports linking to Facebook, X, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and ShareThis, but you are also free to use the site's resources to create links to any other type social media as well.

    • Am I required to use your calendaring system?

      While our calendaring system is tied into many parts of the website, you are free to turn this off and embed another calendar of your choosing. This is only possible if the calendar you choose offers an embedding option.

    • Can I embed videos or code from another website?

      Yes. As long as this code doesn't "break" the code of the website on the whole, you are welcome to embed anything of your choosing.

  • Domain Name and Email Hosting
    • What are some good guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a domain name?

      First and foremost, your domain name must be available. You can check for domain availability by clicking here. It is best to keep the domain name as simple and as short as possible. Abbreviations are perfectly acceptable to use in the domain name, and it is usually best to stick to the .com, .net, or .org extensions.

    • Does the domain name have anything to do with search engine placement?

      Your domain name is included in your search engine score, but it is not nearly as important as your website's title and contents. You can have as your domain name and still be on top if your title and content match the search parameters.

    • Are there any advantages to having purchase and manage my domain name?

      There are many advantages to having us manage your domain name. Firstly, you do not have to worry about renewing your domain name each year. We do that for you, and the yearly renewal cost is on us. Also, we often run into situations where the person who registered a domain name leaves the church and is unable to be contacted. We are always able to be contacted, and we do not hold your domain name if you choose to transfer it away.

    • Can we have more than one domain name?

      You are welcome to have your website under as many domains as you choose. If you would like for us to host the extra domain names, we charge $15 a year per domain name.

    • What happens to the domain name if we cancel our website?

      If we are managing your domain name when you cancel your account, we provide simple instructions on how to transfer the domain into an account of your own.

    • If I have already registered a domain name, can I use that domain with a website.

      Absolutely. You are welcome to continue to manage the domain name yourself, or you can transfer the domain name to us while you have a website with us (recommended). We have done many, many domain transfers, and we are very familiar with process.

    • How long does it take before my website is on the Internet?

      When your website is set up, it is immediately available under a temporary address. When you register a new domain name with us, it usually takes no more than a day to get your website up on the web. When you elect to use an already-registered domain name, this can take up to a couple of weeks.

    • Do custom email addresses automatically come with any of your website plans?

      We offer email at an extra cost on all plans. The cost is $25 per email address per year.

    • What are some technical specifications for the email that you offer?

      We offer email that has 8 GB of online storage, POP/IMAP access, and webmail access. You are able to use these email accounts in any email application, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Billing and Payments
    • Is payment required up front when I sign up for a website?

      When you sign up with us by phone, payment is not required up front. When you sign up for a website online, payment is required up front.

    • Can I pay monthly?

      Yes. We offer a monthly plan if this is what you need.

    • Is the domain name renewal included in the annual fee?

      If we manage your domain name, the cost of the renewal is included in the annual fee.

    • Is the setup fee a one-time charge?

      Yes. The setup fee is a one-time charge.

    • Can I upgrade my website plan at any time?

      Yes. When upgrading, a pro-rated invoice is created from the upgrade amount.

    • Do I get a refund if I cancel my website in the middle of my billing year?

      Yes. If requested, we will issue a pro-rated refund if you cancel and request a refund in the middle of your billing year.

  • Managing Your Website
    • Are phone and email support included, at no extra cost, for the life of my site?

      Yes, they are.

    • Do I need any special computer software to manage my website?

      You'll want to have an up-to-date web browser on your computer or tablet. That is all you will need. We don't currently support website management on smart phones.

    • Can multiple people administrate the website?

      Yes. You can set up multiple website administrators, and you can limit their admin access to select areas of the admin. Multiple administrators can also work on the website at the same time.

    • Can I work on my website from any computer?

      As long as you have an up-to-date web browser, you can work on your website from any personal computer and from most tablets. We don't currently support website management on smart phones.

    • Must I log in to make changes to the website?

      Yes. You will need to enter in your login credentials each time you want to start a site administration session.

    • If I make a mistake, can I restore my previous state of work?

      There are many key areas in the site administration area that have a trash bin. This means that you can restore any data that you have deleted or saved within the past 60 days.

    • Can I see a preview of how your website administration operates?

      We would be more than happy to set you up with a test site that you can use to preview what we offer. Please contact us to make this happen.

  • About Our Web Hosting
    • What type of web server security do you have in place?

      In addition to applying the latest security patches and updates to our web server, we have implemented security measures to further protect your information. These security measures combine multiple approaches to prevent data breaches and spamming.

    • What is your server up time?

      The server stays up at least 99% of the time.

    • Do you have bandwidth limits?

      While no server is without its ultimate bandwidth limits, we do not limit the bandwidth for individual websites.

    • Do you keep my contact information private?

      We do not sell or give your information to any other entity.

    • Can we use your system but host the website ourselves?

      We cannot allow others to have access to our proprietary web code, so we do not allow anyone to host our content management system on their own server.

    • Can I use FTP to upload content?

      Since our content management system is specifically tailored to work with the online site administration tools, FTP is not compatible with a system of this type. Therefore, FTP is not necessary.

    • If I cancel my service, can I take my website elsewhere?

      You are welcome to copy and save any information that you have placed on your website, but, since the underlying content management system is proprietary, we cannot provide you all of the information that would allow you to duplicate the same website in another location.

    • How much server space do I get?

      You get an unlimited amount of space for your text, images, and documents, and the amount of media storage that you receive is limited to the specifications of your particular website plan.

    • Is my site backed up regularly?

      We do maintain backups as part of our support operations, and we also offer a trash bin in the site administration that allows one to restore information deleted within the past 60 days.

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