How do I add my website's calendar to Outlook 2007 (or above)?

  1. Pull up a page on your website that has the calendar in the sidebar, or pull up the full-page calendar on your website.
  2. In the sidebar calendar, click on the icon in the bottom, right-hand corner. If you're looking at the full-page calendar, click on the "Subscribe" icon in the upper, right-hand corner.
  3. Copy the link on the page entitled "How to Subscribe to Our Calendar." (i.e.
  4. Pull up Outlook, click on the "Tools" menu, and click on "Account Settings."

  5. In the window that pops up, click on the "Internet Calendars" tab, and click on the "New…" button.
  6. Paste in the address you copied in Step 2 where it says "Enter the location of the Internet Calendar." Click the "Add" button
  7. Give the calendar a name and a description, and click the "OK" button.

  8. After you close out of the Account Settings, you'll see the new calendar in the Outlook sidebar, and you can view your website's calendar alongside your other calendars.